Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Newcastle Times

One thing I hate about growing up is that all my friends no longer live around the corner from me for me to pop in for a cup of Tea and a gossip when I have a spare hour. On my days off I try and split my time visiting my Boyfriend in London (a convenient 200 miles away) and my Friends. Last week was the turn of my Newcastle crew. I was a student at Newcastle University for 3 years and am still completely in love with the City. If anyone hasn't ever been it's really worth a trip up to the Northern borders to meet the friendly Geordies, have a great night out in Jesmond and dine out along the beautiful Quayside. I did a spot of shopping in the afternoon, treated myself to a few items in MAC, bought my Japonesque Tweezers and got some daily essentials from the Liz Earle in John Lewis.


At night we ate in a quirky Italian/Moroccan inspired Restaurant called Paradiso near the River Tyne and quite unexpectedly decided to continue the night in a few of our favourite bars afterwards. A few cocktails later, it was 3am and we were hailing a taxi down amongst a mass of drunken Students.

The next day, as we had eaten so much at Dinner the night before (a full 3 courses) there was barely a hangover in sight. I did however encounter some slight parking misfortune. I'd left my car in a permit only area overnight and hadn't got up to move it in time. When I rose there was a nice parking ticket slapped on my winscreen for all to see. The 3 hour drive home wasn't the most pleasant either with such little sleep but I stopped at M&S and stocked up on treats for the journey and all was good with the world again (can you see this correlation with food?). Overall though I had a bloody good time and am already counting down the days until my next visit.


 So, if you're looking for somewhere to visit with friendly people, good shopping, a bit of culture (The Baltic is excellent for all you arty types out there) and an excellent night life I suggest you visit Newcastle and see how the Geordies do things. I mean where else are you going to find a place that sells Sausage Stottys??

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