Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hello again!

Hello everyone, just wanted to apologise for the lack of content recently. Ive had so much going on to be able to focus my time on my blog. From my Boyfriend moving house to my Grandma being in hospital (hopefully she is now on the road to recovery) plus the everyday duties of work etc I've barely had a minute to spare. However, I've been doing a lot of online retail therapy so keep reading as I've got lots or reviews and hauls on the way!


Friday, 3 February 2012

Ultimate Nude Nailvarnish

Since the Festive period is well and truly over I felt the need to put my red and glitter varnish days behind me for a while and return back to appreciating the beauty of a nude nail. I can always tell I really love a new polish when I use it 2 manicures in a row and still stare down at my hands to admire the view.

The polish in question is OPI's 'Tickle My Francey'. I bought mine from Beauty Bay for £10.50. Not the cheapest nail varnishes on the market but for such a wearable, everyday, all seasons colour I really think it's worth splashing out for. It is fast becoming my all time favourite nude. I was in love with Chanel's Particuliere as an everyday colour for so long that I wasn't even on the market for a replacement, but this colour came into my life through default the other week and I haven't looked back since. The shade is a pinky nude with grey and purple undertones depending on what light you catch it in. It isn't massively opaque but 2 coats is sufficient to get a true colour representation. Nude colours can obviously vary quite a lot depending on your skin tone but I think I have found my perfect match. For anyone that's wanting a new beautiful everyday colour I can't recommend this enough!

So, what do you think? Have you tried this colour or any other nudes recently? Let me know your favourites.

F x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Newcastle Times

One thing I hate about growing up is that all my friends no longer live around the corner from me for me to pop in for a cup of Tea and a gossip when I have a spare hour. On my days off I try and split my time visiting my Boyfriend in London (a convenient 200 miles away) and my Friends. Last week was the turn of my Newcastle crew. I was a student at Newcastle University for 3 years and am still completely in love with the City. If anyone hasn't ever been it's really worth a trip up to the Northern borders to meet the friendly Geordies, have a great night out in Jesmond and dine out along the beautiful Quayside. I did a spot of shopping in the afternoon, treated myself to a few items in MAC, bought my Japonesque Tweezers and got some daily essentials from the Liz Earle in John Lewis.


At night we ate in a quirky Italian/Moroccan inspired Restaurant called Paradiso near the River Tyne and quite unexpectedly decided to continue the night in a few of our favourite bars afterwards. A few cocktails later, it was 3am and we were hailing a taxi down amongst a mass of drunken Students.

The next day, as we had eaten so much at Dinner the night before (a full 3 courses) there was barely a hangover in sight. I did however encounter some slight parking misfortune. I'd left my car in a permit only area overnight and hadn't got up to move it in time. When I rose there was a nice parking ticket slapped on my winscreen for all to see. The 3 hour drive home wasn't the most pleasant either with such little sleep but I stopped at M&S and stocked up on treats for the journey and all was good with the world again (can you see this correlation with food?). Overall though I had a bloody good time and am already counting down the days until my next visit.


 So, if you're looking for somewhere to visit with friendly people, good shopping, a bit of culture (The Baltic is excellent for all you arty types out there) and an excellent night life I suggest you visit Newcastle and see how the Geordies do things. I mean where else are you going to find a place that sells Sausage Stottys??

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Favourites Video

Hi everyone. Just thought I'd share with you some of the products that I've been loving this month. I'm getting a new camera this week so I'll be doing a lot more videos soon so don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Hope everyone's week is going OK, don't forget to wrap up properly, its getting cold out there!!

F x

Friday, 27 January 2012

Japonesque Tweezers

As I am seriously lacking in the brow department (sparse hair growth and about 4 shades lighter than my natural hair colour) I am obsessed with eyebrows and the treatments/products available on the market for them. It's actually amazing what a difference a good groomed brow can make to framing your face. Like most beauty lovers I'm pretty fussy about my tweezers so the other day when I was having a mooch in John Lewis I was thrilled to stumble upon some Japonesque Artisan Tweezers at half price!! I noticed Tanya Burr in one of her videos had named them as her favourite tweezers and after being impressed myself with the quality of their makeup brushes I couldn't resist.

Made from stainless steel with an enamel coating, the Japonesque tweezers (which are all handmade) combine functionality and design to make grooming brows effortless. I got the baby pink ones with a slanted tip but there are about 20 different designs and colours to choose from. The RRP is approximately £15 but I think that's money pretty well spent.

So what makes these Tweezers so different? Firstly there's the Japonesque guarantee. If your Tweezers ever require re-conditioning you can send them to Japonesque and they will do it completely free of charge. Or, if your Tweezers are ever in such a state that even that isn't an option they will send you a brand new pair at no extra cost. So you're basically paying £15 for a pair of tweezers for life. Think about the amount of times you use your tweezers, what a bargain! Secondly there's the quality way each and every Tweezer is made. Created by an Italian based, third generation family business it takes 2 days to make every Tweezer. Enameled, baked, hand stamped and finally hand filed for absolute precision every girl should have some of these in their makeup bag!
F x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Topshop Wishlist



Topshop is like my shopping sanctuary. When I'm having no luck finding that last minute dress for a night out or a new pair of everyday jeans it seems to cure all my problems. I can always rely on it to provide me with some kind of retail therapy when I am having the worst days, even if it's just in the shape of a new ring or a nail polish. 

Don't get me wrong, I agree that it can be ridiculously overpriced at times and the Oxford Street store is so busy sometimes I actually can't bear the thought of tackling the crowds, but overall I have to admit I'm a fan. I am also actually an ex-employee of Mr Phillip Green after fulfilling most Topshop addicts dream of working there whilst at University in Newcastle. All that staff discount and uniform allowance did nothing but reinforce my love for their clothing and the story continues on from there.

Now if you're anything like me, everyday you have a mental list of certain websites you will religiously check. Topshop is on my list. If I like something I pop in into my basket and mull over it for a few days before making a final decision on whether or not to purchase. Today was like every other day however I noticed that my basket was starting to get pretty full. All the S/S '12 pieces are starting to filter through and as I booked a holiday to Thailand the other week I feel I am well and truly ready to commence shopping for my new season wardrobe.

I managed to rattle my basket down to the 8 pieces above which I love. I think they sum up my style quite well too, I'm very much a girly girl and would always rather pull on a skirt than a pair of jeans. What do you think? Do you have any favourite pieces from Topshop at the moment? I would love to know your opinions.

F x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Yo! Sushi and Glamour Magazine

One thing you will all get to know about me very well over time is my love for food. Being half Italian eating always has been an integral part of my life and Dining Out is, after Shopping, by far one of my favourite past-times. So, when I picked up this months Glamour magazine and spotted a 45% off voucher for Yo! Sushi I was thrilled to say the least.

I love Yo! Sushi. It's so good for an easy, quick, healthy food fix and as I had to catch a train home last night from London that's exactly what I needed. Me and the boy went to his local branch and ate till out hearts content for the mere price of £18. Now, that may seem quite a lot but believe me we ate a hell of a lot of sushi!! 

Unlike many magazine discount vouchers where you tear them out and produce them at the till point for a one time only discount this offer can be used as many times as you like up until the 29th January. All you have to do is register online, log in to access a voucher code number and the present this to the cashier when paying. There are obviously T&Cs like with all offers which include not being able to use the voucher on a Saturday and the discount not applying to any drinks but overall I think it's a pretty good deal.

All you have to do is log on to and away you go! Have you been to Yo! Sushi recently and used this voucher? Or have you dined out with any other good discounts lately? I would love to know :D 

F x