Friday, 27 January 2012

Japonesque Tweezers

As I am seriously lacking in the brow department (sparse hair growth and about 4 shades lighter than my natural hair colour) I am obsessed with eyebrows and the treatments/products available on the market for them. It's actually amazing what a difference a good groomed brow can make to framing your face. Like most beauty lovers I'm pretty fussy about my tweezers so the other day when I was having a mooch in John Lewis I was thrilled to stumble upon some Japonesque Artisan Tweezers at half price!! I noticed Tanya Burr in one of her videos had named them as her favourite tweezers and after being impressed myself with the quality of their makeup brushes I couldn't resist.

Made from stainless steel with an enamel coating, the Japonesque tweezers (which are all handmade) combine functionality and design to make grooming brows effortless. I got the baby pink ones with a slanted tip but there are about 20 different designs and colours to choose from. The RRP is approximately £15 but I think that's money pretty well spent.

So what makes these Tweezers so different? Firstly there's the Japonesque guarantee. If your Tweezers ever require re-conditioning you can send them to Japonesque and they will do it completely free of charge. Or, if your Tweezers are ever in such a state that even that isn't an option they will send you a brand new pair at no extra cost. So you're basically paying £15 for a pair of tweezers for life. Think about the amount of times you use your tweezers, what a bargain! Secondly there's the quality way each and every Tweezer is made. Created by an Italian based, third generation family business it takes 2 days to make every Tweezer. Enameled, baked, hand stamped and finally hand filed for absolute precision every girl should have some of these in their makeup bag!
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